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Traditional Fusion Redefined

About Elevation Spine

Saber Technology combines the desired benefits of anterior cervical plating and standalone technologies. Saber-C facilitates a simplified cervical procedure and provides access to challenging spine levels.


In-line Insertion through a Minimally Invasive Corridor

  • Ability to access challenging levels of the spine (C2-C3 and C7-T1)

  • No angles required for fixation

Simple and Versatile

  • ​No need to remove previous hardware for adjacent level surgery

  • Spike fixation is preloaded and delivered without additional external instrument passes

Zero-Profile Construct

  • ​Implant sits flush with vertebral body

  • Seven points of stabilization


Watch SABER-C   Work


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2511 Garden Road | Suite B125

Monterey, California 93940

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