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Elevation Spine is a medical device company with a proprietary technology platform, Saber Technology, which is an advanced and differentiated approach to fusion.


Saber Technology was designed to improve patient outcomes while providing surgeons with a high-tech, yet simple approach to spinal fusion procedures. The first FDA cleared Saber Technology product, Saber-C, is comprised of a zero-profile anterior cervical plate that accepts multiple spacer material and fixation options and provides a proprietary single-step integrated-fixation. Traditional fusion technologies utilize a plate and screws to fixate the spine during a fusion procedure. Alternatively, Saber-C’s robust and versatile implant offering utilizes a unique curved spike device which eliminates the large working space that a straight screw requires, therefore minimizing incision size and simplifying the surgical technique. As a result, the Elevation Spine fusion procedure is highly efficient while remaining minimally invasive.


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